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Louise on top of Otter Cliffs“I want to thank you for a magnificent, wonderful, awesome workshop.  It truly was the best workshop I have attended… I learned so much from each of you” -Louise





Vickie at Sunrise“I want to thank you for the wonderful experience of participating in your workshop. Your workshop so exceeded my expectations! You were very generous with your instruction in the field and helped me to solve some problems I had with focus and exposure. You are also great post-processing instructors! I really can’t say enough about how great the workshop was! As a photographer, I felt like I was in a rut before I came. Now I feel re-inspired, both technically and photographically. Many,many thanks for this workshop. It was an unforgettable experience and one I will always treasure” -Vicky




Geoff under stormy skies“It pushed me over the top in gaining a better understanding of my equipment, photo composition and exposure controls, and post processing.  You were great at putting us on location at the right time and even suggesting good shots.  You have a nice style together, both artistic and technical, task oriented and responsive to the flow.  Hard to beat!!” -Geoff




Dick and Margaret

Thank you for providing a very comfortable place to stay for our workshop last month. I t was great to be “right there” for the classes and to have the class room space handy so we could work whenever we wanted. The beds were comfortable, the kitchen was well stocked, there was plenty of coffee and we could gather around the dining table for eating or conversing. It felt just like home. Thanks again for the great workshop. -Dick and Margaret