2015 in Review

Fall Foliage on the Beehive, acadia national park, maine

Acadia 2015 on the Light Table

Images are a great way to look back on a year. I hope you have had an excellent time behind the camera and can now look back on the moments with a sigh of satisfaction. If that sigh isn’t there or if it sounds a bit disheartened, then maybe […]

Meet Rhodora

Rhodora flowers growing in the heath with tamarack trees behind

Rhodora is a welcome flash of color in the spring

Have you met Rhodora? A lovely individual most certainly. Odd though, because she likes her feet in cold water, puts on heavy fuchsia makeup before getting dressed, and always seems a little out of place this time of year.

Complex, airy […]

The Scene: Calm Seas

Calm seas in Moalboal, Philippines where a bangka floats, waiting for the fisherman to wake.

Clouds sweep across the dawn sky at Moalboal, Philippines.

Moalboal is a small-ish town on the west coast of Cebu Island in the Philippines. It’s position is ideal in relation to the depths and currents of the ocean to provide one of the most amazing snorkeling reefs I have visited in the Philippines. I […]

The Scene: Far Too Freaky Beach

Wharariki Beach and the Archway Islands

I do most of my exploration on my own. My time with my camera is almost always in solitude. And I have been to some very empty corners of the earth. By far my favorite place has been New Zealand because of the landscape’s diversity, compact area, beautiful wilderness, and lack of crowds. One amazing […]

The Scene: Superior Shore

Waves crash along the shore of lake superior at Terrace Bay, ON

In May of 2012 I left Maine and headed over the Great Lakes on my way to Oregon. This was a wonderful, leisurely paced road-trip that I would recommend to any photographer wishing to escape into the great outdoors. If you were to compare the north and south coasts of these enormous bodies of freshwater […]