Night Photography with the Stars

Star Trails over the lake

Star Trails over the lake

Join renown night photographers Mike Taylor and Aaron Priest for the ultimate night sky workshop.
July 27th – 30th 2016
Night Photography with the Stars 3-Night Workshop | Max 5 participants, 6 with shared room

$1999  (Alumni of Acadia Images or Mike Taylor receive 20% discount)
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Experts in all things night photography both Mike and Aaron are phenomenal resources and great instructors.  Whether your interest lies in light painting, the Milky Way, star trails, or composite imagery this is the workshop for you!  This is all about personalized attention with a high instructor to participant ratio.  We’ll divide our time between shooting and the equally important task of developing images.  This workshop also coincides with the peak of 2 annual meteor showers: the Alpha Capricornids (July 27-28) and the Delta Aquarids (July 28-29). The Alpha Capricornids are well known for producing bright fireballs. Also, 2016 is going to be a great year to shoot the photographic core section of our Milky Way galaxy. Not only will Saturn be hanging around the head of the Scorpius constellation as it was last year, but Mars will also be making an appearance each night just to the West of our galactic center. This event won’t be seen again until 2048!

This comprehensive workshop will feature 12 hours of shooting (weather dependant) and 15 hours of classroom tutorials & processing time. We will cover a number of different night photography techniques:

  • Setting for capturing the stars in the landscape.
  • Planning dates, times, and positions
  • Post processing the Milky Way
  • Advanced masking and composite images in Photoshop
  • Light Painting techniques and practice, exposure, and post processing for realism
  • Shooting for star trails and simple timelapse
Advanced composite image of the Milky Way, star trails, the Sand Beach Acadia NP. - Mike Taylor

Advanced composite image of the Milky Way, star trails, the Sand Beach Acadia NP. – Mike Taylor

Workshop Schedule (weather dependant)
July 27th: Plan to arrive anytime after lunch and be ready for an intro class session 3pm – 6pm.  We’ll head out shooting at 9pm-1am
July 28th: Get a good sleep and be ready to dive into post-processing from 2pm-6pm.  Once again shooting from 9pm-1am
July 29th: Post-processing 2pm-6pm, shooting 9pm-1am
July 30th: Wrap-up of post-processing from 2pm-6pm
Anytime technology is pushed to its limits, in this case the minimal light of the night sky, the importance of quality equipment becomes obvious. For best results you will want some specialized equipment:

  • Full-frame sensor camera. Newer Nikon or Canon preferred, the Sony a7S is a phenomenal camera as well.
  • Wide-angle fast glass.  We’ll be shooting at f/2.8 most of the time and will want at least a 16mm lens.  Suggested lenses include the Nikon 14-24mm, Canon 16-35mm, Tamron 15-30mm, and Rokinon 14mm.  You should bring other lenses as well, but make sure you have something wide-angle and f/2.8
  • Tripod.  A sturdy tripod is necessary.  Don’t put $3000 of camera and lens on a $50 plastic tripod.
  • Remote switch.  Whether it’s wired or wireless, you need some way to trigger your camera without touching it.  Intervalometers are a step up from a basic remote and allow you to set specific exposure times.  The Promote Control is an excellent option for the serious photographer.
Classroom space for 6 students. Individual 24" IPS screens, mouse and keyboard.

Classroom space for 6 students. Individual 24″ IPS screens, mouse and keyboard.

Alumni discount of 20% if you’ve taken a previous workshop with  Acadia Images or Taylor Photography.  A non-refundable 50% deposit is required to reserve a spot or you may pay in full. The full balance is due 60 days before the scheduled workshop date or your reservation will be subject to cancellation.







Night Photography with the Stars 3-Night Workshop July 27th – 30th 2016 | $1999  SOLD OUT


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