Packing for Travel: Philippines

Packing is always a process, especially if you want to do it right.  “Doing it right” for my style of international travel means keeping the number of bags to a minimum while getting the maximum inside!

What am I tanking to the Philippines this year? A lot. And it all fits in my little LowePro Flipside 300.  Watch the video below for the whole shebang (~30min) or follow these easy pointers:

  • Cover your focal lengths and have a vision of what you want to shoot.
  • Foam fillers and hard plastic cases take up a lot of space and are single-purpose.  See if you can pack more with less padding.  Use other items as packing material when possible (rain cover, dust blower, clothing, etc.)
  • Always take your battery charger everywhere you go.  Much of the world is without a BestBuy around the corner and doesn’t have the Amazon one-day shipping option!  If you loose power your camera is a paperweight.
  • Pack your full size tripod if possible:  Better stability, more convenient, and you are probably more familiar with its controls.
  • If you are going off the beaten path (mountains, beaches, rugged terrain) then consider getting fitted for a backpacking pack.  Especially tropical destinations where your bags can be pretty light with clothes, the backpack fits on a motorcycle taxi a lot better than a piece of rolling luggage.

On this trip to the Philippines I’m setting up to do some video work as well as my usual photography so I’ve got a lot of gizmos with me.  Also I pack a laptop (MSI Ghost) in a separate, customized, hard case that I adapted from what was commercially available.

Want to join in the adventure?  February of 2018 we offer our next 12-day Philippines Workshop.  We aim to see the genuine side of the country, not the tourist traps.  Daily life in the Philippines is awesomely colorful and full of character.  Philippines 2018


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