Panoramas 2018

Sunset over the western mountains

Sunset over the western mountains

Panorama 4-day Workshop
TBD, 2018
$1800 | 6 Participants Max. General Workshop Overview Page

Learn everything from the basics to the complex of panorama photography in this post-processing intense 4-day workshop. If you have never tried a pano, have tried but had problematic results, or want to learn how to perfect this technique this is the workshop for you.  Please bring whatever pano gear you have and if you want to try out panos for the first time there are two Really Right Stuff multi-row panning heads to experiment with.  Post processing will be a major focus of this workshop and you will need to bring a laptop with Photoshop 6 (or newer) or Lightroom CC or newer.  If you really want to get into multi-row panoramas you’ll want to have either PTGui (recommended), AutoPano Giga, or Hugin (free).

This workshop with start at 1pm with an overview of pano technique and pitfalls.  We’ll then delve into the issue of parallax and diagnosing the no-parallax-point on your camera.  We’ll head out into beautiful Acadia National Park in the late afternoon to start shooting panorama material.

This workshop covers:

  • Camera settings for panorama
  • No-parallax-point identification
  • Use of panning heads
  • Single row panos
  • Multi-row panos
  • Spherical panos
  • Dynamic range issues and HDR
  • Image post-processing for panoramas
  • Stitching and blending
  • Projections and distortion

At a minimum you will need a camera, lens, tripod, tripod head with an independent panning lock, and a laptop with Lightroom 6 or Photoshop CS 6 or newer.  If you have other equipment such as a panning clamp and rail (which is necessary to eliminate parallax) you will have more compositional options and better blending.  If multi-row or spherical panos are your endgame then you’ll want to have a multi-row panning head such as the ones from Really Right Stuff or Nodal Ninja.

Panoramas get big fast, especially with 24 and 36 megapixel cameras. You’ll need plenty of available storage, both in camera and on your computer.  While out in the field it’s best to take notes, either on paper or on your phone, about the sequence you shoot.

Acadia National Park Loop Road

Aaron Priest shoots a multi row pano of the park loop road at a 200mm focal length and shallow depth of field for an extreme high resolution “Bokehrama”.


The lights of Bar Harbor as seen from Bar Island in the strong blue light of a cloudy pre-dawn.

The lights of Bar Harbor as seen from Bar Island in the strong blue light of a cloudy pre-dawn.


A 360 degree HDR pano on the edge of a cliff!

Note: Accommodation, Transportation, Meals not included.  We offer several rooms to rent at our classroom facility. Contact us for details.

Panorama 4-day Workshop TBD, 2018 | $1800